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2014 RadTech Reports

RadTech Report 2014 Issue 4

December 2014

New Generation of Highly Efficient, Long-Wavelength Photoinitiators for Dental Restoratives: From Research to Application

Photopolymerized Patterning and Materials to Enhance Neural Prosthetic Performance

Dual UV-Curing System Using a Dimethacrylate Containing a Chalcone Moiety

Interaction of UV/EB-Cured Print Inks Applied to a Compostable Polymer Blend

Internal Reference Validation for EB-Cured Polymer Conversions Measured via Raman Spectroscopy

Graphene-Epoxy Flexible Transparent Capacitor Obtained by Graphene-Polymer Transfer and UV-Induced Bonding

RadTech Report 2014 Issue 3

September 2014

UV Technology for In-Mold Labeling

Analyzing the Business Case for UV-LED Curing Part III: Interpreting Results

Latest Progressand Prospects of UV/EB Curing Technology

Effect of Amine Synergists on the EB-Curing Properties of Acrylate-Based Coatings

Development in Low-Voltage EB Curing for High Product Throughput Applications

Developing Formable Properties in Energy-Curable Flexographic Inks

UV in Inkjet – Powering Forward

RadTech Report 2014 Issue 2

June 2014

Validating UV/EB Sustainability for Customers

Enhanced Wood Durability from Radiation-Cured Penetrants

Innovative Waterborne UV Polyurethane Dispersions for Wood Coatings

Wood Coating with UV-LED Curing: A Focus on Heat

An Overview of Dispersions for Energy-Curable Applications

A Formaldehyde-Free, Sustainable Alternative for the Engineered Wood Industry

High-Quality Performance, UV-Curable Industrial Finishes for Wood

RadTech Report 2014 Issue 1

March 2014

Analyzing the Business Case for UV-LED Curing Part II: Executing Calculations

Biobased Materials for UV Coatings

Opportunities for Functional Design Using Physical Vapor Deposition and UV-Curable Coatings

UV-C Light Emitting Diodes

Azodioxides as Inhibitors and Retarders in Photoinitiated-Cationic Polymerization

2013 RadTech Reports

RadTech Report 2013 Issue 4

December 2013

Analyzing the Business Case for UV-LED Curing Part I: Identifying Cash Flows

Reactive Silicones as Crosslinkers in UV-Cured Systems

Comparing a Blue-Diode Laser with a Mercury-Arc Lamp in the Curing of a Water-Soluble Resin by Photo-DSC and Photo-DEA

UV/EB Technology Can Help Drive Reshoring Trend

High-Gloss, UV-Cured Powder Coating on MDF -A One-of-a-Kind Finish

Photoinitiators in Graphic Arts

Radtech Report 2013 Issue 3

September 2013

UV Curing in a 3-Dimensional World

EB Laboratory Systems Can Facilitate Research and Development

SUNY-ESF UV/EB Technology Center Advances Radiation-Curing Technologies

UV-Curable, Seed Oil-Based Coatings by Cationic Photopolymerization: Part 2
New Additives for Radiation-Curable Systems

RadTech Report 2013 Issue 3

June 2013

The Influence of Humidity on Surface Modulus of Photocured Epoxy Coatings

New Studies Examine Safety of UV Curing for Fingernail Coatings

Market Overview of UV-LED Applications: Not a One-Size-Fits-All Approach

The State of UV-LED Curing: An Investigation of Chemistry and Applications

UV-Curable, Seed Oil-Based Coatings by Free-Radical Photopolymerization: Part 1

The UV-LED Paradigm Shift

RadTech Report 2013 Issue 1

Spring 2013

Photoinitiator Byproducts: All You’ve Wanted to Know (and Never Asked)

New Polyester Polyols for Energy-Curable Ink Applications

Highly Functional Acrylated Biobased Resin System for UV-Curable Coatings

Photopolymer-clay Nanocomposite Performance Utilizing Different Polymerizable Organoclays

Impact of Regulations on Printing Inks