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2008 RadTech Reports

RadTech Report 2008 Jul-Aug

July/August 2008

UV Waterless Printing...Where Is It Now?

A Digital Glass Decoration System Creates Artwork Display

UV-Curable Graphic Arts versus Industrial Inkjet Inks: A Progress Report

UV Curing Flexo Inks

Sustainability Advantages of Ultraviolet and Electron Beam Curing

Bioligomers: A Review of Acrylates for Green Printing

RadTech Report 2008 may-jun

May/June 2008

Light-Emitting Diodes Generate Sufficient Intensity to Cure Visible Light Adhesives

Exterior Durable Hardcoats for Specialty Markets

Ultrasonic Thickness Measurement of UV-Cured Coatings on Rigid Substrates

The True Economic Savings of UV Light

Characteristics of Direct Current UV Lamps and Their Effect on Curable Films

Maximizing the Payback for UV Curing of Cast-Iron Parts

Effects of Oligomer and Diluent Selection on the Performance of EB-Cured Coatings

RadTech Report 2008 Mar-Apr

March/April 2008

Curing Performance for Non-Traditional Implementations of Low-Energy Electron Beams

The Miracle of UV Light

Print-Applied, UV-Curable Pressure-Sensitive Adhesives for Industrial Graphics Requiring High Temperature and Chemical Resistance

Understanding Energy Density Response Effects on UV Cure Applications Through Modeling

Clear UV Spray Finishes for Wood

Global Electronics Market: A Brief Overview

Automotive Focus Group Launches e-Learning Module for Automotive Refinish Industry

UV-LED Curing - It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

RadTech Report 2008 Jan-Feb

January/February 2008

RadTech Report 2007: A Year in Review

2007 RadTech Reports

RadTech Report 2007 Nov-Dec

November/December 2007

Oxime Sulfonate Chemistry for Advanced Microlithography

Computational Analysis of the Photoinitiation Pathway of 2,2-Dimethoxy- 2-Phenylacetopenone

Repair and Touch-Up of UV Wood Finishes

The Next Generation of Optical Data Storage - Holography

Use of Modeling to Optimize UV Solutions and Understanding

A Case Study—UV Processes and a Corporate-Wide Green Movement

A New UV Polyurethane Dispersion for Outdoor Applications on Wood

Bright Spots on the Horizon—UV LED and Inkjet Graphics Printing

RadTech Report 2007 Sept-Oct

September/October 2007

Simple and Inexpensive Method to Measure Photopolymerization Shrinkage Stress

UV&EB Opportunities in Printed Electronics— Summary Report

UV-Cure Temperature Maintains LightScribe Color Change Chemistry

Designing UV-Curable Materials for High- Temperature Optical Fiber Applications

UV Curing for Printed Electronics

Optimization of UV-Curing Multiple Elements by On-line Measurements

A Novel Two-Photon Absorbing PAG and Its Application in 3-D Microfabrication

UV-Coatings Technology Delivers Best Economic Value Statement

RadTech Report 2007 Jul-Aug

July/August 2007

UV Coatings Enhance Decorative Metals

Qualifying, Defining and Implementing a Successful UV Project

VOC Test Method for Architectural Coatings

Flame Retardant Radiation-Curable Coatings for Wood Application

UV Powder Goes Green

UV&EB in the Flooring Industry—Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions & HAPs

RadTech Report 2007 May-Jun

May/June 2007

UV-Curable Vinyl Functionalized Siloxane Colloids

Characterizing a Novel Low-Voltage Pulsed EB: Challenges in Dosimetry

Acryloyl Morpholine for UV Curing

Effect of Water in Cationic Photopolymerizations: Reversible Inhibition

RadTech Report 2007 Mar-Apr

March/April 2007

The Changing Economics of EB Curing

UV Lamp Configuration Effects on the Curing Properties of Coatings

Electron Beam Gas and Aroma Barrier Technology

UV&EB Inks for Food Packaging Materials: Going the Extra Mile

Advancements in UV-Hybrid Inks

Food Packaging Safety

RadTech Report 2007 Jan-Feb

January/February 2007

Radtech Reort 2007: A Year in Review

UV Glossary of Terms