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2010 RadTech Reports

RadTech Report 2010 Nov-Dec

November/December 2010

The Evolution of UV Photopolymerization in Global Industrial Manufacturing Markets and the Promising Outlook for the Future of the Technology

Mobile UV Market Review and Safety Guidelines

UV Economic Case Study: Flat Composite Substrate

New Super-Portable UV Curing Equipment

Novel Matting Agent for Low-Gloss UV Coatings


RadTech Report 2010 Sep-Oct

September/October 2010

Halogen-Free, Radiation-Curable, High-Refractive Index Materials

Correlating Ink Lab Drawdowns to Press

The Importance of Real-Time UV Monitoring and Measurement

UV-Curable Hardcoats Enter Solar Energy Market

UV-LED Basics Part II: Curing Systems

Relating Tensile Properties of Improved UV-Cure, Heat- Resistant Coatings and Thermogravimetric Data

RadTech Report 2010 Jul-Aug

July/August 2010

Photolatent Base Catalysts for Adhesives

UV-LED Basics Part I: Operation and Measurement

Renewable/Sustainable Product Development: Green Chemistry vs. Energy-Curing Blues

New 100% Solids, Acrylated Allophanate Oligomers Offer Low Viscosity and High Functionality while Maximizing UV-Coating System Performance

UV-Cured Membranes for Gas Separation

RadTech Report 2010 Apr-May-Jun

April/May/June 2010

EB for Active Coatings

Electron Beam Curing in Packaging: Challenges and Trends

Industrial EB Processing Accelerates

EB-Crosslinked Product Helped Establish U.S. Energy Independence

New-Generation EB Equipment: Lowering Customers’ Operating Costs

New Developments in EB Accelerators

Electron Beam Dose Rate Effects
Material Effects of Low-Energy EB Treatment of Polypropylene and Low-Density Polyethylene

New Developments in Low-Energy EB Equipment

RadTech Report 2010 Jan-Feb-Mar

January/February/March 2010

Aqueous Printing on UV Coatings? Expanding the Coating Formulator’s Possibilities with a Novel, Free-Radical, UV-Curable Polymer

How to Properly Maintain Your UV Production System

Continuous Monitoring of Process Parameters in UV Curing Processes

2009 RadTech Reports

RadTech Report 2009 Nov-Dec

November/December 2009

Mitigating New Emission Rules while Maintaining Sustainability with EB

UV-LEDs and Curing Applications: Technology and Market Developments

How the FCN 772 Substances are Fairing During China’s Transition to New Plastic Food Packaging Rules

UV-LED Lamps: A Viable Alternative for UV Inkjet Applications

Thirty-Five Years in Rad Cure: Taking Radiation Curing From Academia to Industry

Electron Beam Technology for Converting Applications

RadTech Report 2009 Sep-Oct

September/October 2009

Hybrid Sheetfed Lithographic Systems - State-of-the-Art

UV Spectral Stability as it Relates to the UV-Bulb Temperature

UV Coat-and-Cure System for Metal Containers

Exterior UV-Curable Topcoat For Physical Vapor Deposition Applications

Economics and Sustainability of UV Coatings on Pipe and Tube Applications

RadTech Report 2009 Jul-Aug

July/August 2009

The Alternative to Traditional Lacquer

The Effect of UV Intensity on the Cure Profiles of Developing Networks

UV-polymerized Films Enable Ultra-Barrier Coatings for Thin-Film Photovoltaics and Flexible Electronics

15 Years of Undergraduate Research in UV-Polymerization

New Technology for Enhancing Wood Plastic Composites

Seeking a Good Reception - How a UV-Curable Flexo Ink for RFID Antennas was Developed