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The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in partnership with RadTech, the non-profit for UV+EB photopolymer technology, announces the publication of the final report from their Photopolymer Additive Manufacturing (PAM) Workshop, held at the National Institute of Standards and Technology in Boulder, Colorado.

The Workshop was organized to identify common challenges and solutions specific to photopolymers, ultraviolet curing, manufacturing processes, and the performance of materials in commercial products. The publication details "Overarching Challenges to Advancing PAM Technology" and offers "Recommended Roadmapped Research Directions" including for: Material science and engineering to characterize PAM materials; Advanced computing for materials discovery and process modelling; Measurement science and standards development for reliable, high-performance PAM; Environmental, health, and safety regulations for safe and responsible PAM adoption; and Opportunities for Industry collaborations to enhance PAM utility. NIST has been instrumental in the growth and development of U.S. technologies, and is at the forefront of the push into photopolymer additive manufacturing, building on ground-breaking work. Please visit the PAM event website for the workshop summary and complete workshop report.

Please also note, coming soon from NIST and RadTech: The PAM workshop identified strong interest among multiple stakeholder groups to develop and disseminate PAM specific characterization methods--NIST and RadTech are organizing a 4-week seminar series that will provide a deep-dive each week on a specific class of characterization techniques (e.g. chemical spectroscopy, mechanical testing, advanced-microscopy).” Details coming soon.

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Contact: Gary Cohen, 240-497-1243,

Chevy Chase, MD (January 6, 2021) RadTech, the nonprofit for ultraviolet and electron beam technologies (UV+EB) is pleased to announce the election of Susan Bailey, from Michelman, as President. Michael Gould, Rahn USA is nominated as president elect to assume office in 2023. In addition, new members elected to serve a two year term include: Neil Cramer, Sartomer; Jonathan Graunke, INX Intl.; Jennifer Heathcote, GEW; Helen Rallis, Sun Chemical; Jake Staples, Wausau Coated Products, Inc. and Dan Theiss, Procter & Gamble.

"The UV+EB community represents a growing number of important technology applications, and we welcome our new Board members to help develop these opportunities," says Dr. Bailey. "Our focus now is working to deliver much needed goods and supplies, including fast custom labeling, printing and packaging; supporting medical suppliers; and offering additive and electronics manufacturers with unique materials. This work requires targeted networking and the sharing of technical and training information that RadTech helps provide."

RadTech thanks Board members who will be rotating off at the end of this year after fulfilling a two term limit: David Biro, Sun Chemical; Mike Bonner, Saint Clair Systems; Christopher Seubert, Ford Motor Com.; Hui Yang, Procter and Gamble; and Sunny Ye, Facebook. In addition, Eileen Weber of allnex now moves to the board position of immediate past president.

RadTech is a nonprofit trade association dedicated to the advancement of UV+EB technologies, providing users with energy savings, lower emissions of harmful substances, enhanced process control, and fast efficient throughput. UV+EB is used in a wide range of applications, including printing, packaging, wood and building products, electronics, and 3D printing/additive manufacturing. RadTech serves as an international forum and source of information for individuals and organizations involved in the use of UV+EB or the supply of equipment, chemicals, or other materials. 



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Led by The Recycling Partnership and World Wildlife Fund in partnership with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, the U.S. Plastics Pact will unify approaches to rethink the way we design, use, and reuse plastic.

December 29, 2020. Bethesda, Md. – The UV+EB Technology Association has joined the U.S. Plastics Pact, a collaborative, solutions-driven initiative intended to drive significant systems change to create a path forward toward a circular economy for plastics in the United States by 2025. The first North American Pact of its kind, the U.S. Pact is a collaboration led by The Recycling Partnership, World Wildlife Fund (WWF), and Ellen MacArthur Foundation.

In recognition of the imperative to realize a circular economy for plastics, the U.S. Pact is convening more than 80 brands, retailers, NGOs, and government agencies to bring one voice to U.S. packaging through coordinated initiatives and innovative solutions for rethinking products, packaging, and business models.

“We are eager to contribute to the U.S. Plastics Pact, bringing our technical expertise and innovative solutions to help create a circular economy for plastics,” says RadTech’s Sustainability Co-Chairs, David Biro, of Sun Chemical and Todd Fayne, of PepsiCo.

The U.S. Plastics Pact looks to define problematic or unnecessary packaging, working towards the increased use of reusable, recyclable, or compostable materials by 2025.

“Together through the U.S. Plastics Pact, we will ignite system change to accelerate progress toward a circular economy,” says Emily Tipaldo, Executive Director of the U.S. Plastics Pact. “The U.S. Pact will mobilize systemwide change through support for upstream innovation and a coordinated national strategy. This unified framework will enable members to fast-track progress toward our ambitious 2025 sustainability goals. Members’ full participation will be vital to reaching our shared goals.”

The first task of the members of the U.S. Plastics Pact will be to establish a “roadmap” in 2021 to identify key milestones and national solutions to achieving the U.S. targets and realize a circular economy in which plastic never becomes waste.

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RadTech Phone Number: (240) 497-1242

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