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2014 RadTech Reports

RadTech Report 2014 Issue 4

December 2014

New Generation of Highly Efficient, Long-Wavelength Photoinitiators for Dental Restoratives: From Research to Application

Photopolymerized Patterning and Materials to Enhance Neural Prosthetic Performance

Dual UV-Curing System Using a Dimethacrylate Containing a Chalcone Moiety

Interaction of UV/EB-Cured Print Inks Applied to a Compostable Polymer Blend

Internal Reference Validation for EB-Cured Polymer Conversions Measured via Raman Spectroscopy

Graphene-Epoxy Flexible Transparent Capacitor Obtained by Graphene-Polymer Transfer and UV-Induced Bonding

RadTech Report 2014 Issue 3

September 2014

UV Technology for In-Mold Labeling

Analyzing the Business Case for UV-LED Curing Part III: Interpreting Results

Latest Progressand Prospects of UV/EB Curing Technology

Effect of Amine Synergists on the EB-Curing Properties of Acrylate-Based Coatings

Development in Low-Voltage EB Curing for High Product Throughput Applications

Developing Formable Properties in Energy-Curable Flexographic Inks

UV in Inkjet – Powering Forward

RadTech Report 2014 Issue 2

June 2014

Validating UV/EB Sustainability for Customers

Enhanced Wood Durability from Radiation-Cured Penetrants

Innovative Waterborne UV Polyurethane Dispersions for Wood Coatings

Wood Coating with UV-LED Curing: A Focus on Heat

An Overview of Dispersions for Energy-Curable Applications

A Formaldehyde-Free, Sustainable Alternative for the Engineered Wood Industry

High-Quality Performance, UV-Curable Industrial Finishes for Wood

RadTech Report 2014 Issue 1

March 2014

Analyzing the Business Case for UV-LED Curing Part II: Executing Calculations

Biobased Materials for UV Coatings

Opportunities for Functional Design Using Physical Vapor Deposition and UV-Curable Coatings

UV-C Light Emitting Diodes

Azodioxides as Inhibitors and Retarders in Photoinitiated-Cationic Polymerization

2013 RadTech Reports

RadTech Report 2013 Issue 4

December 2013

Analyzing the Business Case for UV-LED Curing Part I: Identifying Cash Flows

Reactive Silicones as Crosslinkers in UV-Cured Systems

Comparing a Blue-Diode Laser with a Mercury-Arc Lamp in the Curing of a Water-Soluble Resin by Photo-DSC and Photo-DEA

UV/EB Technology Can Help Drive Reshoring Trend

High-Gloss, UV-Cured Powder Coating on MDF -A One-of-a-Kind Finish

Photoinitiators in Graphic Arts

Radtech Report 2013 Issue 3

September 2013

UV Curing in a 3-Dimensional World

EB Laboratory Systems Can Facilitate Research and Development

SUNY-ESF UV/EB Technology Center Advances Radiation-Curing Technologies

UV-Curable, Seed Oil-Based Coatings by Cationic Photopolymerization: Part 2
New Additives for Radiation-Curable Systems

RadTech Report 2013 Issue 3

June 2013

The Influence of Humidity on Surface Modulus of Photocured Epoxy Coatings

New Studies Examine Safety of UV Curing for Fingernail Coatings

Market Overview of UV-LED Applications: Not a One-Size-Fits-All Approach

The State of UV-LED Curing: An Investigation of Chemistry and Applications

UV-Curable, Seed Oil-Based Coatings by Free-Radical Photopolymerization: Part 1

The UV-LED Paradigm Shift

RadTech Report 2013 Issue 1

Spring 2013

Photoinitiator Byproducts: All You’ve Wanted to Know (and Never Asked)

New Polyester Polyols for Energy-Curable Ink Applications

Highly Functional Acrylated Biobased Resin System for UV-Curable Coatings

Photopolymer-clay Nanocomposite Performance Utilizing Different Polymerizable Organoclays

Impact of Regulations on Printing Inks

2012 RadTech Reports

RadTech Report 2011 Issue 4

December 2012

Novel Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Nanocomposite Coatings by UV-Initiated Sol-Gel Process

Self-Initiation of Photopolymerization Reactions Using Halogenated (Meth)Acrylates

From Gas Barriers to High Gas Flux Membranes: UV-Cured Thiol-ene Networks for Transport Applications

Control of Free-Radical Reactivity in Photopolymerization of Acrylates

IUCRC Promotes World-Class Research

RadTech Report 2012 Issue 1

September 2012

Structural Characterization of Photocured Acrylic Resins Using Specific Decomposition Reactions

Relating Mechanical Properties of UV-Cured Coatings to the Molecular Network: A New Approach to Predict Crosslinking of Coatings

UV Light-Curing Adhesives for Increased Productivity
Low-Migration, UV-Curable Inkjet Printing Inks for Packaging Applications

Multifunctional UV-Cured Epoxy Coatings

What’s the Score? A Method for Quantitative Estimation of Energy Use and Emission Reductions for UV/EB Curing

RadTech Report 2012 Issue 2

July 2012

UV Powders for Wood Coatings

UV Technology Places Hub Labels at Center of Innovation

Importance of Pigment and Dispersion Characterization for Optimum Cure and Performance in UV-Curable Stains, Inks and Coatings

Visible-Light Photoinitiating Systems for Laser Imaging Using Pyrromethene Dyes

Structure-Property Investigation of Functional Resins for UV-Curable Gaskets

Cyclic Tetravinlysiloxanetetraol Hybrid Thiol-Ene Networks: A Kinetic and Thermomechanical Study

UV/EB Market Trends

RadTech Report 2012 Issue 1

March 2012

Oxygen-Sensitive Electron Beam Dosimeters for Measuring Web Surface Inerting Efficiency

Total Door Leapfrogs Their Competition Using UV Technology

2011 RadTech Reports

RadTech Report 2011 Winter

Winter 2011

Curing of Printing Inks by UV

UV-Curable Powder Coatings with Robotic Curing for Aerospace Applications

UV-LED Curing for an Industrial Wood Coating Application

Development of "Sweet" Soy-Based, High Biorenewable Content UV-Curable Coatings

Polymeric Photoinitiators: UV Inks and Coatings for Food Packaging

RadTech Report 2012 Issue 1

Fall 2011

EB Technology for Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive Applications

UV-Curable Paints for Commercial Aircraft Exteriors

UV Helps Mold Pennwood’s Future

UV Technology for High-Performance Industrial Applications

UV-Cured Coatings Speed Up the Beverage Can Production Process

RadTech Report 2012 Issue 2

Summer 2011

UV Inkjet Label Printing: Getting it Right on the Customer's Substrate

The Correct Selection of Inks and Coatings in Package Printing

EB Gravure: Novel Printing Concept for Sustainable Packaging

Variable Data Revolution Turns to UV Curing

Value, Savings and Profit in UV/EB Printing

New Visible-Light Photoinitiating Systems for Free-Radical and Cationic Photopolymerization

Dual UV/EB Curing of Printing Inks

RadTech Report 2012 Issue 1

Spring 2011

UV-Curable Aerospace Primer and Topcoat

Development of UV-A Curable Coatings for Military Aircraft Topcoats

Measuring the Output of Ultraviolet Light Emitting Diodes

UV-LED Curing Systems: Not Created Equal

Measurement and Management of Stress Development in Photopolymer Networks

UV-LED Overview Part 3: Diode Evolution and Manufacturing

2010 RadTech Reports

RadTech Report 2010 Nov-Dec

November/December 2010

The Evolution of UV Photopolymerization in Global Industrial Manufacturing Markets and the Promising Outlook for the Future of the Technology

Mobile UV Market Review and Safety Guidelines

UV Economic Case Study: Flat Composite Substrate

New Super-Portable UV Curing Equipment

Novel Matting Agent for Low-Gloss UV Coatings


RadTech Report 2010 Sep-Oct

September/October 2010

Halogen-Free, Radiation-Curable, High-Refractive Index Materials

Correlating Ink Lab Drawdowns to Press

The Importance of Real-Time UV Monitoring and Measurement

UV-Curable Hardcoats Enter Solar Energy Market

UV-LED Basics Part II: Curing Systems

Relating Tensile Properties of Improved UV-Cure, Heat- Resistant Coatings and Thermogravimetric Data

RadTech Report 2010 Jul-Aug

July/August 2010

Photolatent Base Catalysts for Adhesives

UV-LED Basics Part I: Operation and Measurement

Renewable/Sustainable Product Development: Green Chemistry vs. Energy-Curing Blues

New 100% Solids, Acrylated Allophanate Oligomers Offer Low Viscosity and High Functionality while Maximizing UV-Coating System Performance

UV-Cured Membranes for Gas Separation

RadTech Report 2010 Apr-May-Jun

April/May/June 2010

EB for Active Coatings

Electron Beam Curing in Packaging: Challenges and Trends

Industrial EB Processing Accelerates

EB-Crosslinked Product Helped Establish U.S. Energy Independence

New-Generation EB Equipment: Lowering Customers’ Operating Costs

New Developments in EB Accelerators

Electron Beam Dose Rate Effects
Material Effects of Low-Energy EB Treatment of Polypropylene and Low-Density Polyethylene

New Developments in Low-Energy EB Equipment

RadTech Report 2010 Jan-Feb-Mar

January/February/March 2010

Aqueous Printing on UV Coatings? Expanding the Coating Formulator’s Possibilities with a Novel, Free-Radical, UV-Curable Polymer

How to Properly Maintain Your UV Production System

Continuous Monitoring of Process Parameters in UV Curing Processes

2009 RadTech Reports

RadTech Report 2009 Nov-Dec

November/December 2009

Mitigating New Emission Rules while Maintaining Sustainability with EB

UV-LEDs and Curing Applications: Technology and Market Developments

How the FCN 772 Substances are Fairing During China’s Transition to New Plastic Food Packaging Rules

UV-LED Lamps: A Viable Alternative for UV Inkjet Applications

Thirty-Five Years in Rad Cure: Taking Radiation Curing From Academia to Industry

Electron Beam Technology for Converting Applications

RadTech Report 2009 Sep-Oct

September/October 2009

Hybrid Sheetfed Lithographic Systems - State-of-the-Art

UV Spectral Stability as it Relates to the UV-Bulb Temperature

UV Coat-and-Cure System for Metal Containers

Exterior UV-Curable Topcoat For Physical Vapor Deposition Applications

Economics and Sustainability of UV Coatings on Pipe and Tube Applications

RadTech Report 2009 Jul-Aug

July/August 2009

The Alternative to Traditional Lacquer

The Effect of UV Intensity on the Cure Profiles of Developing Networks

UV-polymerized Films Enable Ultra-Barrier Coatings for Thin-Film Photovoltaics and Flexible Electronics

15 Years of Undergraduate Research in UV-Polymerization

New Technology for Enhancing Wood Plastic Composites

Seeking a Good Reception - How a UV-Curable Flexo Ink for RFID Antennas was Developed

2008 RadTech Reports

RadTech Report 2008 Jul-Aug

July/August 2008

UV Waterless Printing...Where Is It Now?

A Digital Glass Decoration System Creates Artwork Display

UV-Curable Graphic Arts versus Industrial Inkjet Inks: A Progress Report

UV Curing Flexo Inks

Sustainability Advantages of Ultraviolet and Electron Beam Curing

Bioligomers: A Review of Acrylates for Green Printing

RadTech Report 2008 may-jun

May/June 2008

Light-Emitting Diodes Generate Sufficient Intensity to Cure Visible Light Adhesives

Exterior Durable Hardcoats for Specialty Markets

Ultrasonic Thickness Measurement of UV-Cured Coatings on Rigid Substrates

The True Economic Savings of UV Light

Characteristics of Direct Current UV Lamps and Their Effect on Curable Films

Maximizing the Payback for UV Curing of Cast-Iron Parts

Effects of Oligomer and Diluent Selection on the Performance of EB-Cured Coatings

RadTech Report 2008 Mar-Apr

March/April 2008

Curing Performance for Non-Traditional Implementations of Low-Energy Electron Beams

The Miracle of UV Light

Print-Applied, UV-Curable Pressure-Sensitive Adhesives for Industrial Graphics Requiring High Temperature and Chemical Resistance

Understanding Energy Density Response Effects on UV Cure Applications Through Modeling

Clear UV Spray Finishes for Wood

Global Electronics Market: A Brief Overview

Automotive Focus Group Launches e-Learning Module for Automotive Refinish Industry

UV-LED Curing - It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

RadTech Report 2008 Jan-Feb

January/February 2008

RadTech Report 2007: A Year in Review

2007 RadTech Reports

RadTech Report 2007 Nov-Dec

November/December 2007

Oxime Sulfonate Chemistry for Advanced Microlithography

Computational Analysis of the Photoinitiation Pathway of 2,2-Dimethoxy- 2-Phenylacetopenone

Repair and Touch-Up of UV Wood Finishes

The Next Generation of Optical Data Storage - Holography

Use of Modeling to Optimize UV Solutions and Understanding

A Case Study—UV Processes and a Corporate-Wide Green Movement

A New UV Polyurethane Dispersion for Outdoor Applications on Wood

Bright Spots on the Horizon—UV LED and Inkjet Graphics Printing

RadTech Report 2007 Sept-Oct

September/October 2007

Simple and Inexpensive Method to Measure Photopolymerization Shrinkage Stress

UV&EB Opportunities in Printed Electronics— Summary Report

UV-Cure Temperature Maintains LightScribe Color Change Chemistry

Designing UV-Curable Materials for High- Temperature Optical Fiber Applications

UV Curing for Printed Electronics

Optimization of UV-Curing Multiple Elements by On-line Measurements

A Novel Two-Photon Absorbing PAG and Its Application in 3-D Microfabrication

UV-Coatings Technology Delivers Best Economic Value Statement

RadTech Report 2007 Jul-Aug

July/August 2007

UV Coatings Enhance Decorative Metals

Qualifying, Defining and Implementing a Successful UV Project

VOC Test Method for Architectural Coatings

Flame Retardant Radiation-Curable Coatings for Wood Application

UV Powder Goes Green

UV&EB in the Flooring Industry—Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions & HAPs

RadTech Report 2007 May-Jun

May/June 2007

UV-Curable Vinyl Functionalized Siloxane Colloids

Characterizing a Novel Low-Voltage Pulsed EB: Challenges in Dosimetry

Acryloyl Morpholine for UV Curing

Effect of Water in Cationic Photopolymerizations: Reversible Inhibition

RadTech Report 2007 Mar-Apr

March/April 2007

The Changing Economics of EB Curing

UV Lamp Configuration Effects on the Curing Properties of Coatings

Electron Beam Gas and Aroma Barrier Technology

UV&EB Inks for Food Packaging Materials: Going the Extra Mile

Advancements in UV-Hybrid Inks

Food Packaging Safety

RadTech Report 2007 Jan-Feb

January/February 2007

Radtech Reort 2007: A Year in Review

UV Glossary of Terms