• Increased Speed: Less time for repair means money savings.
  • Increased Efficiency: Products can be single component, no mixing, reduces waste.
  • Degree of cure is virtually 100%: This enables the next steps (topcoating or polishing) much earlier without fear of failure.
  • Environmentally Friendly: UV products more easily fit VOC regulations while reducing waste.
  • Reduce Energy: The use of UV curing reduces the energy needs for completing the job.

About UV Curing for Collision & Auto Refinish:

Over the past few years suppliers to the auto repair and refinish industry have offered UV curing products to body shops and body builders. The products include body fillers/putties for filling voids, primers/primer-surfacers, and clearcoats. Each of these products offer a speed of cure much faster than the conventional film forming chemistry.

The repair of an automobile body may include repainting any part of any car on the road, meaning there is virtually no uniformity of repair size, shape, or position from one car body to the next. A sealed, assembly line style system can not be employed, rather portable UV sources that can be positioned near any of these repairs is needed.

Resources for the Collision Repair & Refinish Industry

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