• Low to Zero VOC Emissions
  • Cycle Savings: Reduce Production Cycle Time
  • Instant Cure Technology
  • Enhanced Corrosion Protection for Airframes, Munitions, Marine, & Ground Vehicles
  • Enables Rapid Field Repair for Aircraft & Ground Vehicles
  • Significant Labor Savings: Enables Painting on the Line
  • Energy savings over traditional spray booth applications and curing

Current & Potential End Uses:

  • Airframe Coatings
  • Battlefield Repairs for Airframes
  • Marine & Tactical Vehicles
  • Electronics Bonding & Coatings
  • Munitions Coatings
  • Marine & Tactical Vehicle Coatings

Resources for the Aerospace & Defense Industries

UV Technology for High-Performance Industrial Applications

UV-Curable Aerospace Primer and Topcoat

Development of UV-A Curable Coatings for Military Aircraft Topcoats

Aerospace Coatings-An Emerging Market

Electron Beam Processing for Aerospace Composites

UV-Curable Aerospace and Aircraft Coatings

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