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A webinar series presented by RadTech with content curated by UV+EB Industry Thought Leaders

Challenges and Opportunities in UV Curing

Speaker: Dr. Gana Ganapathi, Director, Applied Materials Inc.
Moderator: Dr. Aniruddh Khanna, Applied Materials, Inc.

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UV curing is growing in several applications as it can be easily adopted. The properties of the final products can be modified relatively easily since a wide range of materials are available commercially. Even though this technology has numerous advantages and adoption rate is high for various applications it still has some challenges. Few select applications will be focused to bring out the challenges faced. Some of them are monomer/oligomer availability, presence of residual monomer, photoinitiator and its fragments, achieving engineering thermoplastics like mechanical properties with UV cured products, applications in medical industries and in Bioprinting. In this presentation such challenges will be discussed and how it can be used as an opportunity for future products.

How Additive Manufacturing Materials are Enabling Breakthroughs in a Quickly Evolving BioMedical Environment

Speaker: Jason Rolland, SVP, Carbon
Moderator: Aniruddh Khanna, Applied Materials

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The global crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic is exposing vulnerabilities related to supply chains and what can happen when supply chains are not adaptable. Countries and companies are now increasingly focused on modernizing supply chains to promote versatility and adaptability, and to enable distributed manufacturing so that they can pivot to local-for-local production as and when it's needed.

Additive manufacturing technologies, like Carbon DLS, are becoming central to this transformation. Carbon SVP of Materials, Jason Rolland, will share insights into how Carbon is enabling medical device companies to quickly pivot in this time of crisis and deliver new/better products to market faster than ever before. Please join us for this webinar as a part of our UV+EB Thought Leaders series.

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