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Alrick "Al" Warner, a research fellow with Procter and Gamble, has been named to the RadTech Board of Directors.

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Partners with NYSERDA, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute to Discuss Energy-Efficient, UV LED Curing Technology

Bethesda, MD – May 21, 2015 - RadTech, the Association for Ultraviolet (UV) and Electron Beam (EB) Technology, has announced a new technology conference targeting the emergence of UV LEDs used with advanced materials. The program, UV LED 2015, will take place October 28 to 29 in Troy, N.Y. and will discuss the latest developments in UV LED curing technology.

October 28 will include a full day of presentations, an exhibition and reception. In addition, on October 29, attendees will be offered a tour of the Smart Lighting Engineering Research Center, on the campus of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, to learn about the group’s LED research efforts.

“UV LED curing is attracting significant interest in applications such as 3D printing, aerospace, inkjet, automotive, printing and packaging, wood finishing and pipe and tube,” says Pete Weissman, Quaker Chemical Corp., and RadTech President. “RadTech and NYSERDA both recognize the tremendous potential of UV LEDs, as well as the benefits of advancing this leading edge, enabling technology.”

RadTech helps to make manufacturing processes in New York more energy efficient, environmentally friendly and economical. The organization supports the Ultraviolet Light and Electron Beam Process Curing Systems Technology Center on the SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry campus, which provides research, development and industrial testing.

"Governor Cuomo's Reforming the Energy Vision (REV) promotes the use of many innovative methods to reduce the use of energy in New York State," said John B. Rhodes, President and CEO, NYSERDA. "RadTech's events have proven to be a valuable forum for the promotion of the tremendous energy savings potential of UV and EB technologies. These efforts will help major industries reduce the amount of power needed for manufacturing, which will help in the State's efforts to create a clean, resilient and affordable electric grid."

The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) supports RadTech's efforts in advancing this innovative and energy-saving technology and helping to recognize important developments in the state.

For more information about attending or exhibiting, visit, or contact Mickey Fortune at


In order to rapidly expand market access and the product portfolio for their innovative ebeam technology, the COMET Group signed a purchase agreement earlier this week with the system integrator PCT Engineered Systems LLC, based in Davenport, Iowa, USA. COMET will thus become a vertically integrated powerhouse for low-energy ebeam technology. The parties agreed not to disclose the value of the transaction.

The acquisition of PCT Engineered Systems provides the COMET Group with direct access to the ebeam end-user market and in one shot also allows the group to expand its ebeam product portfolio. Charles Flükiger, President of X-Ray & ebeam Technologies: "COMET will be able to provide a solution for all potential users of low-energy ebeam technology. This is true for ebeam modules for OEMs, entire ebeam systems to end customers, as well as for all the automation required upstream and downstream from the beam."

"The acquisition of PCT Engineered Systems is an important step in the strategic development of the ebeam business as a third pillar of COMET Group," said Ronald Fehlmann, CEO of COMET Group. "The acquisition allows us to tap market potential that was previously unavailable to us, enabling us to generate sustainable value for the company, shareholders, clients and employees."

The COMET Group is one of the world’s leading vendors of x-ray, radio frequency (RF) and e-beam technology. With high-quality components, systems and services, the Group helps its customers maximize the quality, reliability and efficiency of their products and processes. COMET AG was founded in 1948. Based in Flamatt, Switzerland, the Group has a presence in all world markets. COMET’s stock (COTN) is listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange. COMET, YXLON and ebeam – each of the Group’s three strong brands serves different markets. YXLON x-ray systems for non-destructive testing are supplied to end customers in the automotive, aerospace and electronics sectors. Under the COMET brand, the company builds high-quality, high-tech components and modules, such as x-ray sources, vacuum capacitors, RF generators and impedance matching networks. These products are in demand by manufacturers in the automotive, aerospace, semiconductor and solar industries as well as in airport security applications. Under its “ebeam” brand, the Group offers very compact, powerful ebeam sets currently used especially in the non-contact sterilization of beverage packaging.

PCT Engineered Systems LLC, headquartered in Davenport, Iowa, was founded in 1986 by Terry Thompson and two other partners. With about 85 employees in North America, the company is now a successful player in the market for electron beam equipped systems. COMET has been working closely with the firm for the last five years and in 2014, the two companies developed an ebeam-equipped system for the functionalization of polymer films and the curing of inks and coatings. COMET will retain all 85 employees. Terry Thompson will continue to manage PCT Engineered Systems LLC as General Manager.

PCT’s BroadBeamTM line of EB solutions include a high energy EP Series, which operates at up to 300 kV and is designed to cure and/or crosslink thick substrates at high speeds (like pressure sensitive adhesives); its medium energy LE Series, designed to perform in the 90 kV to 175 kV range and most often built in web widths from 36” to 108”; and its narrow web CE series, a compact, space saving EB system that operates in an accelerating voltage range of 90 to 200kv and can accommodate the processing of a wide variety of materials including webs, flat materials, and the three-dimensional (3-D) EB curing of objects like rigid packaging and cans.  

Additional information about Implastic can be found at .

Additional information about PCT can be found at .


Thursday, 16 April 2015 22:39

RadTech Presents Awards at uv.eb WEST

Chris Miller, Jim Zawicki Honored

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Thursday, 26 March 2015 17:32

uv.eb WEST 2015 a Success

With a record number of exhibitors and attendees, thank you to our members and friends for helping make uv.eb WEST 2015 a success!  The event showcased the amazing use of UV and EB in applications such as 3D Printing, inkjet, industrial and printing and packaging.  We are particularly excited that a large percentage of our attendees were end users and/or first time RadTech participants.  Please check out some of the articles and reviews from the event:
UV Printing: Good as Gold?

uv.eb WEST 2015 Showcases New Opportunities for Energy Curing Technologies

UV.EB West Showcases Current Trends in Radiation Curing Technologies

On Print | UV/EB Inkjet for Food Packaging

Please be sure to mark your calendars for RadTech 2016, May 16-18 in Chicago.  The exhibit floor is already 40% sold and the call for papers will be out shortly.  Thank you!

Saturday, 21 March 2015 11:15

UV+EB Technology Magazine Now Online

Digital Edition Available
Read the latest print edition of UV+EB Technology on your desktop.

Saturday, 17 January 2015 12:35

RadTech Europe Sets Its 2015 Agenda

Innovation, expertise and experience in partnership

RadTech Europe, the international association promoting the radiation curing technologies, anticipates a full and exciting agenda of activities in 2015 – driven by unprecedented interest in the UV/EB curing technologies across an ever-widening range of industries. Established in 1988, the association was driven by a desire to create a formal profile for the industry’s even then extended value chain, and to establish a pan-European platform where members could meet, share knowledge, develop joint themes, and educate. That process continues today – in an even wider context.

New place, new format, new applications
RadTech Europe’s major focus will be on its 2015 conference – a biennial event which uniquely brings together its members’ diverse interests and expertise. The 2015 event’s headline is ‘UV/EB now: new place, new format, new applications’.   Located this year in Prague, Czech Republic, 13-15 October, RadTech Europe 15 will offer an in-depth agenda featuring both plenary and parallel sessions, with a complementary exhibition which will additionally provide an ideal location for delegate networking, as well as for commercial presentations on new product introductions from RadTech Europe member companies.

Conference agenda
The planned conference agenda reflects the variety of topics at the heart of the UV/EB market today – including water-based technologies, advances in photochemistry and polymerisation; developments in formulations, coatings, and equipment, graphic arts applications (including digital print and packaging); industrial usage from wood and paper coatings to plastics and 3D printing/additive manufacturing; and, of course HSE and safe usage.    

There will be an additional focus on the considerable base of innovation in the industry, which is responding to the enormous interest in the benefits of radiation curing as compared to ‘traditional’ curing/drying technologies. New and emerging application areas, such as field-applied coatings, textiles, photovoltaics, aerospace, and the nanotechnologies, will be explored, along with tooling and technology advances, for example in the area of UV LED, and innovations in chemistries, synthesis routes, and the use of renewable materials.   

EB curing seminar
The RadTech Europe 2015 calendar will feature additional events, such as a dedicated EB curing seminar to identify and evaluate the advantages -- in terms of low energy usage, low operating temperatures, and photoiniator-free systems -- that today’s smaller, better inerted electron beams deliver.

Best practice, safety in use
Central to RadTech Europe’s concerns is the raft of best practice and regulatory documents that guarantee the safety of radiation curing in all its applications. 2015 will see the continuation of the association’s active participation in the new review of the EC reference document on the best available techniques for surface treatment using organic solvents (BREF STS). The document, which is being evaluated by a large number of stakeholder organisations, specifies emission limits and other environmental permit requirements, and includes information on alternative technologies to lower VOC emissions – a key benefit of UV and EB curing technologies. The review process is expected to take approximately three years.

RadTech Europe is also involved in the working group applying for the extension of the exemption of mercury in “special purpose discharge lamps” under the RoHS directive on the use of hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment – an arena which is of importance to UV mercury-vapour bulbs.    

Food-safe UV-cured inks
Other areas where the association is making positive contributions include REACH and the German Printing Ink Ordinance, now in its fifth draft, which is currently at the core of existing European standards for the safety of printing inks in food packaging materials in terms of non-migration, low odour, and no taste transfer. 2014 saw RadTech Europe organise a dedicated seminar on this issue to great interest of the industry.

…and now in three dimensions
Radiation curing technologies may have been around for more than 70 years, but they are today very much central to the launch pad for a real 21st-century innovation:  3D printing or additive manufacturing. This process involves building three-dimensional objects/ products individually, in plastic, from a digital file. These creations may be medical devices, toys, custom jewellery, electronics, automotive components, and many other consumer and industrial products. But they all share one manufacturing feature: radiation curing.     

A new industrial revolution?
The exceptional interest in the possibilities of 3D printing/additive manufacturing market that is currently being experienced has intensified interest in all aspects of UV/EB curing. RadTech Europe President David Helsby is in no doubt that the association’s 2015 agenda will include a strong and growing focus on this sector.   ‘Additive manufacturing is going viral,’ he says, ‘and our members’ science, expertise, and experience are critical to turning what is currently an embryo technology into a new industrial revolution.’
About RadTech
RadTech Europe (RTE), founded in 1988 in Switzerland and headquartered in The Hague (The Netherlands), is the European industry association that promotes the development, use and benefits of UV/EB curing technology for the markets of Graphic arts, Adhesives, Electronics, Industrial Coatings, Automotive, Medical, Dental, Cosmetics and an array of new emerging applications. RTE membership provides access to a collaborative platform, for knowledge transfer at educational, and networking events and achieves effective representation as a body in public affairs initiatives.

For more information contact:
Lut Verschueren
Tel. + 32 474 04 49 40 -

RadTech Europe
Elke Verbaarschot/Mark Macaré
Tel. + 31 703123920 -

RadTech, the trade association for UV and EB curing technology, is announcing a new initiative to advance the development of photopolymer resin-based 3D printing. RadTech will feature a suite of educational activities as part of uv.eb WEST 2015, taking place March 10-11 in Redondo Beach, California.  Conference presentations will include Jason Lopes of Legacy Effects, Brian Adzema from Autodesk, and Dr. Mike Idacavage, PL Industries.  At uv.eb WEST, Dr. Idacavage will also preview his new online 3D printing course, "Basics of UV Curable 3D Printing," that was developed by SUNY ESF, in partnership with RadTech. This course provides an overview of the chemistry and technology behind the UV 3D printing process, and showcases the science enabling technologies such as SLA, DLP and Inkjet printing.

A UV 3D printing committee will also kick-off at the Redondo Beach event, with a focus on technology and education.  In addition, the group will address the development of appropriate and consistent environmental, health and safety documentation as a resource for 3D printing suppliers and users.  “UV cured 3D printed products are often considered the highest quality currently achievable,” says Dr. Idacavage, chair of the new committee.  “In order to make the best use of the capabilities of UV curable 3D printing, it is very important to have a solid understanding of the many factors involved. RadTech through uv.eb WEST and the UV 3D printing committee is positioned to serve as one of the best resources for anyone interested in this technology. ”

Registration for uv.eb WEST 2015 is online now. The exhibition for uv.eb WEST 2015 is sold out and will feature over 40 exhibitors.

Saturday, 17 January 2015 12:29

RadTech Announces New Board Members

The non profit trade Association for UV + EB Technologies, announces its Board of Directors for 2015.  Peter Weissman of Quaker Chemical Corp., assumes the RadTech Presidency, with Lisa Fine of Joules Angstrom UV Printing Inks the new president-elect and Don Duncan of Wikoff Color, immediate past president.  Eileen Weber, RedSpot, is the group’s Secretary; and Paul Elias, Miwon North America, the Treasurer.  “With the continued strong growth of UV and EB, we welcome new Board members to help lead and guide our efforts to support the advancement of the technology,” said Weissman.  “UV+EB are enabling technologies that additionally offer manufacturers higher productivity, energy savings and favorable sustainability profiles when compared to conventional coatings technologies. These advantages are driving use in areas as varied as industrial pipe and tube, 3d printing, consumer packaging, automotive, and aerospace.”

Newly elected RadTech Board members include JoAnn Arceneaux, Allnex USA Inc.; Mark Gordon, INX International Ink Co.; Nikola Juhasz, Sartomer Division, Arkema Group; George McGill, Zeller+Gmelin Corporation; Alexander Polykarpov, AkzoNobel; Jeremy Teachman, Sun Chemical Corporation; and Xiasong Wu, DSM Functional Materials.  Returning Board members include:  Jennifer Heathcote, Phoseon; Beth Rundlett, Katcheco Inc.; Rick Baird, The Boeing Company; Joshua Lensbouer, Mannington Mills; and Aaron Smith, Kimball.

RadTech is chartered to advance the use of energy saving and environmentally responsible ultraviolet and electron beam curing technologies.   With over 700 members worldwide, the group’s next gathering is the uv.eb WEST Conference and Exhibition (, March 10-11, Redondo Beach, CA.


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