2018 UV & EB Technology Expo & Conference Proceedings

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Adhesion Promotion/Adhesives


UV Nail Gel
Liz Pavlovic, Coty inc 

UV Energy Cure for Polymeric Coatings communicating Pathogen Deterrents
Bruce K Bachman, CSI Group of Companies 

Innovation in UV LED curing equipment
Axel Eckmann, Heraeus Noblelight





Cure Speed Measurements of UV-LED Curable Optical Fiber Coatings
Xiaosong Wu, DSM Functional Materials 

Guns vs. Bells - What's the Best Way to Apply My UV Cure Coating?
Michael Bonner, Saint Clair Systems, Inc. 

UV Energy Cure for Formable Hard-Coated Polymeric Film & Sheet
Bruce K Bachman, CSI Group of Companies

Develop Functional Films and R2R Process
Nizamidin Jappar, Kimoto Tech Inc.

Electron Beam


Evolution of UV from Lamps to LED’s
Ruben Rivera, Phoseon Technology 

Intelligent Photon Delivery Systems Powered by IoT
Mike Gharagozloo, Heraeus Noblelight 

A Method of Driving Microwave-Driven Additive Lamps for Improved Performance
Darrin Leonhardt, Heraeus Noblelight America 

Recent advances in UV process control – using ICAD-technology
Thomas Efsen, Efsen Engineering


Resins for Improved Coatings for LVT
Jonathan Shaw, Allnex 

Industrial Floor Coating Based On Biorenewable Materials
Ben Curatolo, Light Curable Coatings 


Global Market Overview

North American Market Overview
Gary Cohen, RadTech North America

China Market Overview
Jun Nie, RadTech China

European Market Overview
Paul Kelly, Univar


The Development of Novel Optical Materials Using Sulfur-Based Chemistry
Darryl Boyd, US Naval Research Laboratory 

UV-curable fluoropolymer coatings for application at low temperatures
Elaine Ruiz, William Schaeffer, Lisa Spagnola, Kurt Wood, Jeffrey Klang, Manjuli Gupta 

Polymer Optics
Samantha Garton, Colorado Photopolymer Solutions 

Improving the Performance of UV-Curable Coatings with Carbon Nanomaterials
Steven Yu, Guangzhou Wraio Chemical Material Co., Ltd.

New Technology Trends

Hydrophilicity Enhancement of UV Cured Acrylic Materials
Sivapackia Ganapathiappan, Boyi Fu and Ankit Vora, Applied Materials, Inc.

Develop Functional Films and R2R Process
Nizamidin Jappar, Kimoto Tech Inc.

Radiation Cured Parts : Impact of Semiconductor Wafer Cleaning
Ashwin Chockalingam, Rajeev Bajaj, Applied Materials, Inc.

Use of High Refractive Index Materials in Display and Lighting Applications
Serpil Williams, Pixelligent Technologies LLC

Overcoming Challenges

A Novel Liquid Photoinitiator for Black Systems
Ching Fan, CHIU (Chris), Chitec Technology Co., Ltd.

Using UV-A to your Advantage: Black & White Edition
Mike Higgins, Phoseon Technology 

Resin-based solutions for improved surface cure in LED applications
Paul Share, BASF Corporation 

“Green” UV-LED Gel Nail Polishes from Bio-Based Materials 
Forough Zareanshahraki and Vijay Mannari, Eastern Michigan University


Photopolymer Chemistry + Patterning

Photopolymerizable Materials for Improved Cochlear Implants
Allan Guymon, University of Iowa 

Direct Contactless Microfabrication of UV Coatings
Michael Dvorchak, Dvorchak Enterprises, LLC

Fast, Local, and In-situ Cure Rheology of Photo-processable Polymers using Atomic Force Microscopy
Callie Higgins, NIST

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Improved Curing Solutions with LED Wavelengths below 365nm
Mike Kay, Excelitas Technologies 

Raw Material Selection Considerations for UV/LED Applications
Michael Gould, RAHN USA 

Curing Traditional Formulations with Multi-Wavelength LEDs
Brett Skinner, Heraeus Noblelight America 

The Effects of UV Glass Optics on UV LED Arrays
Justine Galbraith, Kopp Glass