2016 UV & EB Technology Expo & Conference Proceedings

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3D Printing

New Oligomers for 3D Printing Inks
Ahmet Nebioglu, Dymax Oligomers & Coatings

Toughening Resins for 3D Printing
William Wolf, Sartomer Americas

Acrylated Silicones Suitable for SLA 3D Printing
Bob Ruckle, Siltech Corp


Radiation Curable Pressure Sensitive Adhesives
Jin Lu, Arkema Inc., Sartomer Business

Formulating a UV-Cure Pressure Sensitive Adhesive for PVC Foam Tapes and Converting an Oven-dry Water-Borne Material Using an LED Lamp Cure System
Brian Chambers, Novagard Solutions

Fine Art Applications Using Pigmented UV Adhesives
Sidney Hutter, Sidney Hutter Glass & Light Inc.

Goldilocks and the UV Curable PSAs
Lisa Castillo, KIWO and Jim Raymont, EIT, KIWO adhesives and EIT Instrument Markets

Advances in Electron Beam Equipment and Applications

New Ebeam Systems Incorporating Compact Sealed Ebeam Lamps
Karl Swanson, PCT Engineered Systems

Ebeam Inkjet Technology for Low Migration Digital Printing Applications
Stephen Buchanan and Stephen Cummings, Collins Inkjet

Novel Technology of Electron Beam Curing in Vacuum
Mikhail Laksin, IdeOn LLC

Cleveland Steel Container Case Study: UV/EB Metal Coil Coating for Steel Containers
William Parish, Cleveland Steel Container


Functional monodisperse microparticles from thiol-Michael dispersion polymerizations
Chen Wang, University of Colorado Boulder

Controlled monomer architecture for property enhancement in photocured thin films
Jon Scholte, University of Iowa


Determination of the Surface Energy for UV-Curable Easy Release Coatings
Emily B. Henry, Lipscomb University

Surface Energy:  An Applied Experimental Design for Novel UV-Curable Coatings
Aseel A. Mahmood, Lipscomb University


Energy Conservation in Carbon Fiber Composite Curing
Mark S. Driscoll, Ph.D., SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry

Visible light curing of fiberglass-reinforced ballistic panels
Yunyun Bi, SUNY ESF

Advancements in Transparent Ultrafine Mineral Filler Technologies for UV/EB Performance, Economics and Cure Rate
Scott Van Remortel, Unimin corp

Design of a blue LED array for curing fiberglass-reinforced composite
Mark S. Driscoll, SUNY ESF

Cure Studies

Non-Reciprocity of Exposure of UV-Curable Materials and the Implications for System Design
R.W.Stowe, Heraeus Noblelight America

Dose Rate Effects in Electron-beam Initiated Polymerization
Sage M. Schissel, University of Iowa

’Kick-started’ oxetanes in photoinitiated cationic polymerization: scale-up synthesis and structure-property studies
Jananee Narayanan Sivakami, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute


Improving Surface Cure with UVC LEDs
Mike Kay, Excelitas

UV Curable Formulations for Deep UV LEDs
Haruyuki Okamura, Osaka Prefecture University

Fundamental aspects of Deep UV light emitting diodes and failure reduction of LEDS grown on AlN Substrates
Rajul Randive, and Leo J. Schowalter, Crystal IS

Digital Printing

Advances in inkjet printing demanding changes in chemistry
Dene Taylor, SPF-Inc

How the selection of raw materials can impact print speeds in digital printing
Dev Nagvekar, BASF

Challenges of Replacing Automated Screen Printing of Plastic Parts with UV Curable Singlepass Inkjet
Paul Beliveau, Fujifilm Dimatix

Humidity paper sensor fabricated by inkjet-printing photosensitive conductive inks
Yan Yuan, Yulin Zhang,Ren Liu, Zhiquan Li, Xiaoya Liu, Jiangnan University

EHS & Regulatory

Stay Competitive and in Compliance with UV+EB
Rita Loof, RadTech

Working with UV Curable 3D Printing – Safety and Handling
Michael Idacavage, Colorado Photopolymer Solutions

US Regulatory Updates: Implications for the UV/EB Industry
Shannon Gainey (Evonik), on behalf of Brigitte Lindner, RAHN USA Corp

Electron Beam Technology for Packaging Applications

Ebeam Sterilization of Medical and Food Packaging Enabled by Compact Ebeam Lamp Technology
Michael Bielmann, Comet Group

Advances in Wide Web Ebeam Flexible Packaging Printing
David Biro, Sun Chemical

Electron Beam crosslinking of polyolefin films for various packaging applications
Im Rangwalla, Energy Sciences Inc.

Applying EB-Flexo ink technologies to the Food Packaging Industry
Todd Fayne, PepsiCo


The Effect of Different Irradiation Sources on Formulation Properties
Amelia Davenport, Colorado Photopolymer Solutions

Ultra Violet Reflectivity of Microporous PTFE Material

UVA, B, and C Glass Optics Designed to Mix Wavelengths, Increase Irradiance, and Improve Uniformity: Design, Simulation, and Analysis
Brian S. Jasenak, Kopp Glass

The Status of UV LED Measurement Standardization
Joe May and Jim Raymont, EIT Instrument Markets

Food Packaging Panel Presentations

Packaging Safety of Ink Components
Stephen Klump, Nestle

RadTech FDA Presentation
George Misko, Keller & Heckman, LLC


Adhesion Promoting Oligomers
Matt Terwillegar, Myriant Corporation

Evaluation of Adhesion Using Different Formulations, Substrates, and Curing Protocols
Neil Cramer, CPS

Combining oxiranes and oxetanes to enhance kinetics and improve physical properties
Sara Kaalberg, University of Iowa

Global Market Overview

North American Market Overview
Peter Weissman, RadTech North America / Quaker Chemical

European Market Overview
David Helsby, RAHN / RadTech Europe

China Radiation Cure Market
Jianwen Yang, RadTech China

South American UV/EB Market
Speaker TBD, Speaker TBD


Investigation of Cure and Nanomechanical Properties of Weatherable UV-Cured Hardcoats
Jennifer David, Momentive Performance Materials

Highly Reactive Thin Film Hardcoats for Plastics
Marcus Hutchins, Allnex

Low-Gloss / Haptic Coatings

Matting Energy-Curable Coating Through Novel Dispersant Technology
Rebecca (Becca) Banton, Evonik Corporation

How does it feel? Recent Advances in UV-curable Soft Touch Coatings
Lisa Spagnola, Sartomer Americas

A Versatile Binder for Ultra-Matte Effect Coatings
Jonathan Shaw, PhD, Allnex


Innovations in photoinitiator technology for LED applications
Mike Wyrostek, Hampford Research

Design of New 3-Ketocoumarins for UV LED Curing
Marika Morone, IGM Resins

Cationic UV Curable Silicone Release Coatings:  Historical Perspective and New Formulation Tools
Richard Eckberg, Momentive Performance Materials

Boosting the cure of phosphine oxide photoinitiators. Sensitisation or Synergy?
W. A. Green, Great Lakes Fine Chemicals (Retired)

Printing & Packaging

Recent Advances in Low Viscosity, Low Migration, Fast Curing UV/EB Resin Technology
Paul Share, BASF Corporation

Functional Coatings to Enhance Decorative Packaging
Kristy Wagner, Red Spot

A Prescription for Healthy UV Printing
Laura Maybaum, NAZDAR and Jim Raymont, EIT, NAZDAR inks and EIT Insttrument Markets

UV LED Curing in Production Printing Environments
Jennifer Heathcote, Phoseon Technology

Raw Materials I

Oligomer Solutions for UV Curable Inkjet and 3D Printing Applications
Jonathan Shaw Presenting on Behalf of JoAnn Arceneaux, Allnex

Dendritic Oligomers for LED Curable Formulations
James Aerykssen, Dymax Oligomers & Coatings

New Developments in UV Curable Laminating Adhesives - Formulating for Enhanced Adhesion and Service Properties
Michael Bailey, Sartomer Americas

Raw Materials II

Innovative Polyester Acrylates – Solutions for Industrial Market Needs
Jonathan Shaw, PhD, Allnex

Bio Renewable Oligomers
Matt Terwillegar, Myriant Corporation

Photoinitiated cationic polymerization of sustainable epoxy and oxetane thermosets
Zheqin Theodore Yang, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Specialty Applications

Predicting Biofilm Resistance of UV-Curable Coatings via the Lifshitz-van der Waals/Lewis Acid-Base Approach
Emily B. Henry, Lipscomb University

Fabric Modification by Radiation Methods
Vincent Luo, China General Nuclear

UV curable Sioxane based Resins for 100 nm Pitch by R2R Nanoimprinting
Changjin Lee, Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology

Developing Biocompatible & Bioabsorbable UV Materials Enabling Mass Production of Custom Medical Device Implants Using Micro-CLIP
Evan Baker and Henry Ware, Northwestern University


Innovative Water-based UV Resins for Exterior Applications
Laurie Morris, Alberdingk Boley, Inc.

Electron Beam Curing Properties of Water Based Monomer and Polymer Materials
Stephen Lapin, PCT Engineered Systems

Coalescence and Film Formation Properties of Aqueous UV-Curable PUDs and Oligomers Prior to UV Light Exposure
Ronald Obie, Wood Coatings Research Group

New UV-PUDs showing good chemical resistance
Rami Awad, Miwon Specialty Chemical Co., Ltd.