2014 UV & EB Technical Conference Proceedings

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Additive Manufacturing / 3D Printing

The Benefits of UV Curable Materials in Additive Manufacturing
Jonathan Shaw, Allnex USA Inc.

Advanced Applications of Thiol-Ene Formulations
Samuel Clark Ligon, Vienna University of Technology

Three Decades of UV Technology Innovation ― Stereolithography
Kangtai Ren, DSM Functional Materials

Made Strong: Product Development and Additive Manufacturing
Shanon Marks, Made Boars & Christopher Houlshouser, Stratasys


High Performance Materials for Laminating Adhesives
Jin Lu, Sartomer USA LLC

A Formulator's Guide to Energy Curable Laminating Adhesives
Eileen Jaranilla-Tran, RAHN USA Corporation

UV-triggered Thermosetting Film Adhesives
Don Herr, Adhesives Research, Inc.

Light Curable Adhesives for Automotive and Electronic Applications and the Benefits of Surface Treatment
Jeff Leighty, Plasmatreat USA and Brian Betty, DELO Industrial Adhesives

Advanced Applications

Self-Wrinkling to Bioinspired Patterned Surface of Photo-Curing Coating
Xuesong Jiang, Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Surface Modifying Additive for UV Curable Hardcoat
Akpojotor Shemi, Daikin American Inc.

New Developments in Initiators for Two-photon Polymerization
S. Clark Ligon, Vienna University of Technology

71K UV- A Hard Coats for Polycarbonate Head Light Refinishing
Michael Dvorchak, Allnex USA Inc.

Advanced Materials

Nanostructured Polymer Networks obtained by Photopolymerization in a LLC Template
Celine Baguenard, The University of Iowa

Fluoro-Silicones in UV Cured Coatings Films
Tom Seung-Tong Cheung, Siltech Corporation

61K UV- A Automotive Refinish; Clear Coats and Primers
Michael Dvorchak, Allnex USA Inc.

Bio-based Materials

Next Generation of UV-curable Cellulose Esters
Ahmet Nebioglu, Dymax Corporation

Bio-based building blocks for advanced photo-cure coating systems
Vijay Mannari, Eastern Michigan University

High Performance UV-Curable PUDs with High Renewable Carbon Content
Jeffrey Klang, Sartomer USA

Cardanol-based branched UV-cured acrylic oligomers
Jiangnan University, Ren Liu


Photopolymerized Micropatterned Platforms with Varied Mechanical Properties for Contact Guidance
Brad Tuft, University of Iowa

Physical Properties of Photopolymers in Ocular Regenerative Scaffolds
Kristan S. Worthington, The University of Iowa

High Performance Hybrid UV Curing Soy-Bean Systems
Hongbo Liang, University of Colorado at Boulder and Nanchang Hangkong University


Directed Oligomer Structure By Controlled Radical Polymerization For Use In Photocurable Thin Films
Jon Paul Scholte, University of Iowa

Study on “Core-shell Particles” as New Resin Technology for UV Curable Formulations
Mike Miyamoto, Kaneka Corporation

Interaction and Biodegradation of UV/EB Cured Print Inks Applied to a Compostable Polymer Blend
Marcelo A. G. Bardi, Universidade de São Paulo

Interaction Of Photoexcited Photoinitiators With Nitroxyl Radicals
Igor Vladimir Khudyakov, Eastman Chemical

Electron Beam Polymerization

Depth/Dose Characterization of Electron-beam Polymerization
Julie Jessop, University of Iowa

Modification of Polymer Surfaces using Electron Beam Induced Graft Copolymerization
Stephen C. Lapin, PCT Engineered System

Electron Beam Treatment of Wood Thermoplastic Composites
Andrew Palm, SUNY ESF

Radiation Initiated Polymerization of Wood Impregnants
L.Scott Larsen, NYSERDA


Graphene Based UV-Curable Materials
Marco Sangermano, Politecnico di Torino

Develop a Hybrid Conductive Film With Primer
Nizamidin Jappar, Kimoto Tech Inc.

Production of Stratified Films Utilizing Photopolymerization and Monomer Reactivity
C. Allan Guymon, University of Iowa

Introduction Of UV/EB Curable High Refractive Index Monomers And Oligomers For Optical Films
Earl Emerson, Miwon Specialty Chemical Co., Ltd.


Photocuring in Areas Where You Typically Cannot Get Light
Paul J. Shustack, Corning Inc.

High Efficiency LED Lighting Circuit by Series Regulator System
Kota Okajima, Kanazawa Institute of Technology

UV Measurements of MP Lamps and LEDs for Process Design and Control
R.W. Stowe, Heraeus Fusion UV, Inc

Development in Low Voltage EB Curing for High Product Throughput Applications
Im Rangwalla, Energy Sciences Inc.

Formulating for Printing & Packaging

Developing Formable Properties in Energy Curable Flexo Inks
Robert Kensicki, Sartomer

Self-Curing Acrylate Resin for UV Consumer Product Printing and Coating Applications
Marc Heylen, Allnex USA, Inc

Mitigating Chemicals of Concern Through the Usage of Novel Energy Curable Acrylate Technology
Anthony Carignano, Allnex USA, Inc. (Formerly Cytec Coating Resins)

Novel Dual Function Photoinitiators for Low Migration and Low Odor Packaging Applications
Eugene V. Sitzmann, BASF Corporation


A Study for Enhancing Through Cure
Kenton Renkema, Red Spot

Formulation and Performance Advances in (Meth)acrylate Based Sealants :A Dual Cure Feasibility Study
Michael Bailey, Sartomer USA, LLC

Shrinkage of UV Oligomers and Monomers
Andreas Moeck, RadLab AG

Dual UV Curing System Using a Dimethacrylate Containing a Chalcone Moiety
Haruyuki Okamura, Osaka Prefecture University

Global Market Overview

North American UV/EB Market Overview
Gary Cohen, RadTech International, North America

Markets Overview and Progress of UV/EB Curing Technology in China
Jianwen Yang, School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering

European Market UV/EB Overview
David Helsby, RAHN Corporation

India : UV/EB Market Potential
Ankit Singhal,SIMCO Materials International Pvt Ltd.

High Performance Coatings

Heat-Resistant UV-Curable Clearcoat for Aircraft Exteriors
Richard W. Baird, The Boeing Company

Radiation Curable Components and Their use in Hard, Scratch Resistant Coating Applications
William Schaeffer, Sartomer USA, LLC

Effect of polymer particles on the light scattering properties of UV cured antigalre hard coating
Zhu Yang, Hubei Institute of Aerospace Chemotechnology

Smart UV Bionic Coatings on Architecture Application
Flora Yuan, Sunnyvale Technology LLC

LED Formulation

Pushing the Limits of LED Curing and Looking Forward to a Bright Future
Rodney P. Balmer or Dr.Grant T. Shouldice (TBD), Flint Group

A 100% Solids UV LED Curable Coating
Elena Komarova, Kegel LLC

UV-LED Photoinitiators – The Right Tool for the Job
Dr. Mike J. Idacavage, PL Industries, a division of Esstech Inc.

Recent Progress In UV-A, UV-B, & UV-C LED Technology And Emerging Applications
Paul Rudy, TLM Advisors


Measurement & Analysis

Produce a temperature-sensitivity film coated on the glass via photopolymerization
Jun Nie, Beijing University of Chemical Technology

Comparison a Blue Diode Laser with a Mercury Arc Lamp in the Curing of a Water-Soluble Resin by Pho
Pamela Shapiro, Netzsch Instruments, LLC

The Importance of Controlling Coating Temperature in UV Application Processes
Michael R. Bonner, Saint Clair Systems, Inc.

Synthesis and Properties of UV-Curable Polyurethane Acrylates Based on Pcdl Diols
Jingcheng Liu, Jiangnan University

Medical & Dental

Recent Advances In Monomers And Photoinitiators For Dental Restoratives
Christian Gorsche, Vienna University of Technology

An Overview on Low Cytotoxic Alternatives to (Meth)Acrylates: Vinyl Esters and Vinyl Carbonates
Branislav Husar, Vienna University of Technology

The Technical Challenges of Transitioning your UV Curing Process from Lamp to LED
Mike Kay, Excelitas Technology


UV Technology for Protection of Surfaces
Ben Curatolo, Light Curable Coatings

Achieving Adhesion to Difficult Metal and Plastic Substrates
Dr. Mike J. Idacavage, PL Industries

Oxygen Inhibition

UV Curing in an Inerted Atmosphere Update
Jim Borsuk, Nordson Corporation

Using con-focus RAMAN spectra to analysis double bond conversion at top 1 micron/1 micron far from
Oiver Starzmann, IST America Corp

Mitigation of Oxygen Inhibition in UV LED, UVA, and Low Intensity UV Cure
Jo Ann Arceneaux, Allnex USA Inc.

Experimental comparison of various anti-oxygen inhibition strategies in LED curing
Branislav Husar, Vienna University of Technology


Photopolymerization Using Photolatent Amine Catalysts
Allonas, University of Haute Alsace

Photoinitiating Covalently Bound Organically-Modified Clay Additives
T. Brian Cavitt, Abilene Christian University

Novel Phosphine Oxide Photoinitiators
Dr Petr Sehnal, Lambson Limited


Waterborne UV Curable Coatings for Industrial Market Segments
Raymond Stewart, Bayer MaterialScience LLC

Novel Robust Energy-Curable Polyurethane Dispersion With High Formulation Versatility
Jason Ghaderi, Allnex


UV-Cured Powder Coating : The Development of a High Gloss Coating for MDF
Michael Knoblauch, Keyland Polymer

Waterborne UV Coatings for Industrial Wood Applications
Laurie Morris, Alberdingk Boley, Inc.

Comparing UV Cured Wood Floor Finishes to Conventional 2K Systems
David Folkman, Alberdingk - Boley

Advancements in UV LED curing for wood coatings
Ed Kiyoi, Phoseon Technology