Which Jobs Are Best Suited For UV Refinishing Products

UV cure clears, when applied to complete panels, produce a durable, high quality finish equivalent to finishes applied at the vehicle manufacturer. Although 1K UV cure paints can be used to refinish larger areas of a vehicle, the ideal size repair area is one body panel or smaller to realize the greatest benefit from this refinish technology. These smaller repairs include small scratches or dings located far enough away from panel edges to allow the basecoat to be blended within the damaged panel.

Blending UV cure clears may be a repair option that can be done when repairing small scratches or dings on lower portions of vertical panels. Unlike horizontal panels such as hoods, roofs, and deck lids, lower vertical body panels do not typically receive the damaging, direct UV rays from the sun, so blended clear edges are less vulnerable to degradation from the sun.  When UV cure clearcoats are blended, a slight blend edge may be distinguishable when examined closely, but when blends are confined to lower vertical panels, the clear blend edges are not easily detected. When multiple panels need to be refinished, 2K hybrid UV cure clearcoats may be the best product option.


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