Long term, regular exposure to UV may lead to skin cancer or wrinkling and sagging of the skin. Some drugs and cosmetics may increase the effects of UV exposure. Lighter skinned, and other certain skin types may be affected adversely by UV exposure.

Over-exposure to UV light can also cause toughening of the skin, suppression of the immune system, and cataract formation.

When working with UV cure products use clear polycarbonate safety glasses with side shields to help protect the eyes from UV light rays.

Protect the skin by wearing long sleeved clothing to cover the arms, and wear latex gloves to protect the hands.

Protect the respiratory system by using an approved respirator or fresh air hood and use an approved spraybooth or spray area.


Additional information on health effects related to UV exposure:

      • Drugs & chemical agents - birth control pills, tetracycline, sulphathizole, cyclamates, antidepressants, coat tar distillates found in anti-dandruff shampoos, lime oil.


      • Protection - clothing, polycarbonate, glass, acrylics, and plastic diffusers used in office lighting. Bulb cover.

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