UV glazing fillers are primarily used to fill small surface imperfections in polyester body fillers, and are compatible with most automotive primers and sealers. As long as UV glazing fillers are not exposed to light, the shelf life can be as long as one or two years. Because the product is 1K there are generally no pot life issues with UV glazing fillers.

UV Glazing Fillers - Uses

Although UV cure glazing fillers are primarily designed to be applied over body fillers to fill small surface imperfections, UV cure glazing fillers can also be applied to most cured paint surfaces.

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UV Glazing Fillers - Application

UV cure glazing fillers are 1K and pre-mixed, so they are ready to apply directly from the container. UV cure glazing fillers have long open and working times as long as the product is not applied in direct sunlight. Once the filler is applied it is ready for curing using an approved UV light.

Watch a video on sanding glazing fillers (2 Mb).

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