UV-A spectrum is safer than UV-B or UV-C light. Using a lamp with a filter to isolate the light spectrum to the 320-450 nm range is the safest UV light to use for curing paint. Lamps used for UV paint curing emit the same UV band as sun tanning beds (320-400 nm). Lamps tested and approved by UL are recommended to provide safe operation.

It is important to always operate UV curing lamps safely. Never aim a UV lamp towards another person, or look directly into the lamp. If the lamp has a cover, close it to block the light, when needed for short periods of time rather than shutting the lamp off. A hinged cover is especially helpful on mercury vapor lamps because these lamps do not illuminate instantly when they are switched on.

Wear clear polycarbonate protective eyewear to block UV rays from the eyes.

To reduce long term UV exposure, cover the skin with clothing and protect the hands with latex gloves if arms and hands will be exposed to the UV light source. Over-exposure to UV light may cause skin burns (erythema) and eye burns (photokeratitis).


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