Radtech has developed and produced a UV Refinish Safety Guide to inform the industry how to work with UV refinish materials and equipment safely. The guide includes information on the different types of UV light and UV curing equipment, and an overview of how UV energy is used cure UV paint finishes. The guide also includes information on the potential safety hazards that are related to UV cure products, and how following basic safety practices can minimize or eliminate these health risks.

The hardcopy version of the chart also includes a high-quality glossy wall chart that lists Refinish UV Safety Guidelines for UV paints and UV curing equipment.

An electronic version of this guide can be downloaded as a printable PDF file by clicking on the PDF icon below.


Download the Refinishing UV Safety Guide (3 Mb) in Adobe Acrobat format.


Note to Users

020 Safety Guide

This guide is intended to provide general guidelines for safe handling of ultraviolet energycurable coatings. The guidance is based on typical industry experience but is not intended to be either exhaustive or inclusive of all pertinent requirements. The information provided in this document is offered in good faith and believed to be reliable, but is made WITHOUT WARRANTY, EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED, AS TO FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PRODUCT, APPLICATION, PURPOSE, OR ANY OTHER MATTER. The guidelines provided and the examples included are not intended to be directed to any particular product, nor are they claimed to satisfy all current legal requirements related to control of materials or processing operations. Following this guide does not guarantee compliance with any regulation nor safe operation of processing facilities. Users are cautioned that the information upon which this guide is based is subject to change, which may invalidate any or all of the comments contained herein. This guide is not intended to provide specific advice, legal or otherwise, concerning particular products or processes. In designing and operating processing lines, users of this guide should consult with their own technical and legal advisors, their suppliers, Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) and other appropriate sources (including but not limited to product or package labels, technical bulletins, or sales literature), which contain information about known and reasonably foreseeable health and safety risks. RadTech International North America does not assume any responsibility for the user’s compliance with any applicable laws and regulations, nor for any persons relying on the information contained in this guide.

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