Materials Compliance Engineer

3D Systems, 16550 W. Bernardo Dr. Suite 500, San Diego CA 92127, USA

Location: Wilsonville, OR

Job Summary
A Scientist/Engineer with a chemical safety and chemical/materials regulatory background to support a fast-paced design team in development of materials for 3D printers. The primary goal of this job is to work closely with formulation scientists and materials manufacturing to ensure worldwide chemical regulatory compliance.

Primary Job Functions
• Establish and maintain processes that ensure multinational chemical regulatory compliance
• Monitor worldwide chemical regulatory landscape to anticipate changes that may affect ability to import/export formulations
• Review, write, and edit Safety Data Sheets for 3D printing materials and formulations
• Evaluate chemicals for appropriate personal protective equipment; establish safe handling procedures for internal processes and for customers.
• Review TSCA Section 5 notices for applicability to products; write and/or edit PMN’s, SNUR/SNUN’s
• Review and recommend toxicology testing as appropriate
Education and Training
Bachelor’s degree in Chemical/Life Sciences or Engineering

• Minimum 7 years’ experience in chemical product safety or chemical regulatory compliance
• Experience in materials development, manufacturing, or chemical process development preferred
Knowledge, Skills & Abilities
• Ability to work with minimal supervision in a fast paced, self-directed environment, document results, and communicate to peers and management
• Strong teamwork skills
• Must have excellent written and verbal communication skills

Link to apply:

RadTech Phone Number: (240) 497-1242

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