Committees & Focus Groups

RadTech Committees are open to all RadTech members. Please join a committee!

RadTech Editorial Board

Scope and Purpose:

To provide RadTech members and interested parties association news, technical articles and industry news. The primary vehicle for this committee is the bimonthly magazine, the RadTech Report.


    •     Provide members with regular updates on newest products and technology within the UV & EB marketplace.
    •     Provide members with periodic reports on news of people and events in the industry.
    •     Provide reports on RadTech Conferences in Europe and Asia.
    •     Prepare annual Buyers Guide.
    •     Conduct periodic surveys of members with the goal of improving the content of the RadTech Report.
    •     Solicit technical articles.

Board Chairs:

Casey Cordon, DKSH North America Inc, and Brian Cavitt, Abilene Christian University

Government Affairs/EHS Committee

Scope and Purpose:

To promote the use and benefits of UV & EB technology as a pollution prevention technology to legislative and regulatory agencies. To keep membership apprised of current and pending legislation at national, regional and local levels that will impact the UV & EB industry. To facilitate the dissemination of health and safety information on UV & EB materials.


    •     Have UV & EB technology recognized as a viable compliant technology by regulatory agencies.
    •     Expand the overall use of UV & EB products through interaction with regulatory agencies.
    •     Promote member concerns to legislative groups.
    •     Work with state agencies through the GAC States Program to promote UV & EB technology to various industries
    •     Develop an understanding of the criteria used to interpret eye, skin and inhalation data for MSDS and labels for UV & EB curable materials.
    •     Develop a database for ratings and MSDS language.
    •     Obtain environmental, health and safety data from RadTech members to expand members' knowledge.
    •     Develop an understanding of key phrases used in MSDSs.

Committee Chairs:

Maureen Waite, Sartomer and Howard Ragin, Craig Adhesives & Coatings

Marketing & Promotions Committee

Scope and Purpose:

To promote the use of the UV & EB process to industry, academia, government and other trade associations.


    •     Increase RadTech's presence and participation in relevant industry trade shows, seminars and conferences.
    •     Organize and promote RadTech's UV & EB process seminars.
    •     Develop and maintain publicity and public relations programs designed to emphasize the benefits of UV & EB technology.
    •     Produce marketing and technology support packages targeted at industrial, engineers, researchers, the academic institutions and businesses.
    •     Form membership exchange alliances with other trade associations with whom RadTech may have synergistic interests.
    •     Work with RadTech industry focus groups to support their activities.

Committee Chair:

Sharon Papke, Bayer MaterialScience; Harry Bloom, American Ultraviolet

Technical Committee

Scope and Purpose:

To provide a single point resource for technical support of members, users and potential users of the UV & EB process.


    •     Develop UV & EB measurement standards.
    •     Provide technical information on the applications of UV & EB technology and test methods.
    •     Support other committees as needed.
    •     Establish and maintain a technical library of articles/information at RadTech headquarters.

Committee Chairs:

Thor Jondahl, INX International Ink Co.; Anthony Touissant, DSM Desotech

Focus Groups

Wood & Building Products: Don Hart, Mid-America Protective Coatings, Kyle Sass, BASF

Automotive OEM & Refinish: Brad Richards, BASF, Mike Dvorchak, Bayer MaterialScience

Plastics: David Hagood, Finishing Technology Solutions, LLC, Michael Kelly, Allied PhotoChemical

Printing & Packaging: Molly Hladik, HP, Don Duncan, Wikoff, co-chairs

Electronics: Brian Cavitt, Abilene Christian University; Patrick Peach, Red Spot

With the express purpose of increasing the use of UV & EB cured materials, RadTech sponsors end use focused committees to promote and further explore how UV & EB cured materials might penetrate these market.

Goals of these Committees include:

    •     Promote UV & EB technology and interest.
    •     Prove that UV & EB technology is feasible for new applications.
    •     Demonstrate the advantages that UV & EB technology brings to end-users (speed, performance, cost-efficiency, etc.).
    •     Help promote energy curable technology in the markets with the most promising growth potentials.
    •     Promote the use of energy curable inks and coatings versus competitive technologies through the use of documented end user experience or case studies.
    •     Assist with defining a position regarding food contact issue concerning UV technology.
    •     Solicit and encourage participation of raw materials suppliers, press manufacturers, formulators and end users in the focus group to ensure all work is balanced and has the highest degree of credibility.

In order to accomplish these goals, we need RadTech member and nonmember support — particularly from those involved in the marketplace. Please consider joining our Focus Groups to help expand UV & EB technology.

RadTech Phone Number: (240) 497-1242

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