Paint Process Engineer (Vergason Technology)

This position reports directly to the President and is responsible for the general and specific job duties described below. Salary is dependent on experience.

General Job Duties:

  • To exhibit an objective and professional attitude that will help us maintain a positive and productive workplace.
  • To exhibit teamwork skills and actively participate in team activities in a positive working environment.
  • To demonstrate problem solving skills in a work environment that is striving for continuous improvement.
  • To follow company policies and display conduct expected of employees as described in the employee handbook.
  • To follow safety rules of VTI and work in a manner that is conducive to maintaining a safe and healthful workplace.
  • To meet and maintain all customer quality standards as well as the standards of VTI.
  • To perform daily cross-functional job assignments as required.

Specific Job Duties:

  • Lead the daily operation of our robotic-spray UV-cure paint line for painting plastic substrates.
  • Lead the development of basecoats clear top-coats for multiple product opportunities
  • Develop part masking concepts and capability on paint line.
  • Set-up and develop painting process windows for waterborne and solvent borne UV basecoats, and UV clear-coats.
  • Maintain clean operating environment, including clean room, paint filters, and HEPA units.
  • Operate paint process and application equipment in order to satisfy the customer quality standards and delivery schedule.
  • Provide technical support to track data for paint cost per square foot by robot program.
  • Identify, communicate and document any difficulties relating to the product, process and/or quality system as per IS0-9001 :2008 requirements.
  • Initiate, recommend or provide solutions utilizing error proofing techniques to prevent the occurrence of any non conformities relating to the product, process and/or quality system through designated channels.
  • Develop, implement, verify and document parameter settings for all paint process and application equipment for all products.
  • Verify and calibrate paint process and application equipment to ensure the accuracy and repeatability of the painting process.
  • Develop robotic path motions and operating parameters for the introduction of new products.
  • Communicate and cooperate with paint suppliers on usage optimization, formulation compatibility, paint performance and quality issues.
  • Work with equipment suppliers to accurately collect application and performance data on new technology tested in the painting process.
  • Train personnel in the operation of process equipment and procedures in accordance to any established control plan.

Vergason Technology Inc.
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