There are a number of differences between the current UV curing products compared to conventional 2K coatings such as epoxy or urethane primers.

2K paint products are packaged in two containers that must be carefully measured, combined, and stirred until the mixture is smooth. The mixture is then ready to be loaded into the spray gun and applied to the vehicle.

Following application, the spray equipment and mixing containers must be cleaned soon afterwards because mixed 2K products have a defined pot life, after which the mixed paint will gel in the gun, if not cleaned out.

Once applied, 2K paints will cure slowly by air-drying at room temperature, but often the dry times are accelerated by heating the paint film using forced air baking, or IR lights. Unfortunately, even with the use of heat, the refinisher will often be waiting on the schedule of the paint coating to cure.

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In contrast, the UV coatings are usually only one component instead of two. The UV paint only needs to be stirred until smooth, poured into the spay gun, and applied onto the vehicle. There is no need to rush to clean out the gun as long as the paint cup is not translucent. UV materials will not solidify until they are exposed to UV light. 060 02 2004 0916Image0023

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